Master space biking

Transform your skills and explore the Milky Way with space biker Amelia.

17 Lessons

Level up your skills with this step-by-step course on biking space freely.

More than 4 hours video course

I break down the class into manageable activities you can do in your own pace.

2 exercises and a final project

It's not just the theory. We'll ride a space bike together. It's easy!

Location and the gear

Prepare for your first bike ride

In the class, we'll find a perfect location to practice space riding so you can make your first. I'll also share details loads of ideas for space suit and share how to choose the right space helmet.


Get your bike ready

Next, we'll adjust the bike seat and test the breaks. We'll look at the ways to use tools that you have to make some basic adjustments in your bike.



Throughout the class we'll make several practical exercises. You will see how simple is to put the theory into practice. It takes just a few hours to ride a bike in space!

Amelia: Classes, Exercises, Feedback & Feed starting from €169.00


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The Beginner's Guide to Riding a Bike in Space

This class focuses on:

  • Understanding how to control your bike in space: Learn the essential movements and techniques to maintain control and balance.
  • Pushing the Boundaries: Once you master your body movements, you can explore further and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.