How to (actually) make online teaching profitable.

How to (actually) make online teaching profitable.

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

While shared platforms made teaching possible, CreativeMindClass took it a step further: it made teaching online profitable. The platform allows earning a teacher a solid income with a social media following of 50k, but no worries if your following is smaller, there are options also for you.

How does it work?

To create a paid course on CreativeMindClass, you first have to register and become a teacher. Once registered, you'll see a series of easy-to-follow steps to help you create your first class. As you plan your class, keep in mind that in all classes you are welcome to include exercises and attachments. If you choose to build a creative community you can also add discussion prompts as the content of your class, and your students can react to it on the creative community feed.

Why launch your first course on CreativeMindClass?

Because the platform offers loads of support for creating and marketing a class. For example, if you are not sure if your video lessons are up to snuff, you can submit it for review to get a feedback call with suggestions or with a good cheer up.


Finally, if you're struggling to make your first few sales, CreativeMindClass's tailor-made features will offer support. Get your new class prominently displayed on the homepage and automatically posted on the creative feed. And all classes and posts have a separate landing page for you to add to your social media bio. All these features are optional, and depending on the product you choose, CreativeMindClass takes a share of your class sales.

CreativeMindClass Price: Free to start with pay-as-you-earn pricing. We charge only when you succeed. CreativeMindClass charges 8% revenue share on classes, 12% revenue share on classes with community feature, or 16% revenue share on classes with community feature with the CreativeMindClass boost sales kit. (Note: Revenue share does not include processing fees charged by Stripe and the student invoicing fee.)

We're in love with the creative process

Bringing things to life makes our hearts beat a million times faster.

by Riccardorussomanno

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Bring together like-minded people and geek out about creative topics.


Collect your payments globally with just a few clicks. Also in EU.

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