How to Grow Your Online Course Audience (with CreativeMindClass)

How to Grow Your Online Course Audience (with CreativeMindClass)

by CreativeMindClass • 3 min read

CreativeMindClass helps online course creators grow and nurture an online course audience. How? To begin with, the platform offers a pre-built solution, which is helpful if you are a very busy creator and want to deliver the best learning experience for students without headaches. All you need to do is to upload your online course content. But let's start from the beginning...

If you are like most online course creators you want to build an online course that is not only great content-wise but also beautiful visually. Big images and minimal text are the way to go in online teaching in 2022, and if you don't know any coding language, don't worry, all the technicalities are handled for you by the CreativeMindClass platform

...also connections for global payments are done for you and you can start selling your online course without any payment problems.

On top of that, the CreativeMindClasses invoicing system sends invoices to your students and takes care of the sales tax calculations including the complicated EU-VAT tax.

Are you just starting out with teaching? Try CreativeMindClass to set up your teaching platform easily.

The price of your class reflects the value you provide. Finally.

There's flexibility when pricing your class too. You can offer a custom price for your class based on the value you offer to your students. When you are ready to launch, use the platform's tailor-made features for in-platform promotion. No third-party integration is required.

Student experience and engagement is key

CreativeMindClass's native Community Feed tool lets you create posts for students, so when they log in to your platform there is always new stuff waiting for them.

The platform also helps to message students and provide feedback on their homework. If you'd like to keep in touch with students after they've completed your class, prepare challenges and post them on the Community Feed. As they say, money is in the engagement.

CreativeMindClass Price: Free to start with pay-as-you-earn pricing. We charge only when you succeed. CreativeMindClass charges 8% revenue share on classes, 12% revenue share on classes with community feature, and 16% revenue share on classes with community feature with the CreativeMindClass boost sales kit. (Note: Revenue share does not include processing fees charged by Stripe and the student invoicing fee.)

Class price breakdown

We want to be fully transparent about how you would make money and how we earn a living.

Unlike other teaching platforms where it’s less straightforward, we want you to succeed and make sure you understand all elements before you get into business with us. Here is the class price breakdown.

How much will you earn for your class?

Say, John is a watercolor painter from the United States and wants to create a beginner's course on the topic. He's chosen CreativeMindClass for the freedom he gets in building his own teaching space.

He's decided to start small so he's opted for the Basic pricing option. After some hands-on work on the course, with support from the CreativeMindClass team, John's video lessons are done and he's ready to upload them and start selling the course at 100 USD (incl. VAT).

Very soon, hooray, one of John's Instagram followers, Nina, signs up for the course! Nina is based in Germany so John has to pay German VAT.

CreativeMindClasses's automated pricing system does the math for everyone.

The final price breakdown looks like this:

  • VAT for Germany -> 19%
  • Stripe payment processing fee -> 4%
  • Student invoicing fee for digital services -> 6%
  • CreativeMindClass Basic Packge fee -> 8%
  • John earns -> 63% of each course sold, hassle-free.

To sum up: John earns 63 USD on each of his 100 USD class sold on CreativeMindClass.

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Bringing things to life makes our hearts beat a million times faster.

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