How to Increase Online Course Value: 3 Easy Steps

by CreativeMindClass • 3 min read

Most of course creators heard about the course value but can't say what it is exactly or how it influences setting the price of online courses. It looks like best kept secret of the industry. But it's not that difficult to figure it out and from there it's much easier to create an online course of a high value and therefore a higher price (💸).

What is Online Course Value

Value is the most important aspect of online course pricing. It determines what customers (audience, students) are willing to pay for your course and how your online course is percived in customers eyes (that's why its also called percived value).

If customers perceive a high value they willingness to pay more rises (that's the dream)...

...and if customers percieve a lower value they don't want to pay much.

So when making the price decision for the first time or rethinking your current price you might ask yoursel the question:

How increase a value so I can sell more online courses and how do I know if I charge to much or too little? 

Increase online course value

In order to increase the perceived value of your online course you need to think about what matters to your audience. Thankfully, it's an easy task to do as humans universally want a good quality product, in order to buy it they need to be see what they buy and they want to have the sweet feeling of after purchuase satisfaction.  

1.Go for quality not quantity

The quality of your online course lays in it's design, structure and how well it answers your audience questions. This is also where it's oryginality and innovation comes to play.

2. Communicate the value

This influences audience's perceptions. It includes the title your online course, description and such. In other words - how you sell it to the world. It also covers your brand and the online course platform you choose to publish your course.

3. Make it last

What happens post purchuase is crutial in creating a positive value perception and customer satisfaction. How long the positive feeling lasts will have an influence if your student will buy another course in the future.

It all starts with an idea

Creating the value perception starts with an idea for an online course.

You must think about the value as oftern as possible during the course development process not just after it's ready to launch.

Here is how to increase your online course value even further:

  • Create upgrade content. Provide additional learning materials as an upgrade.
  • Give Feedback. In other words - care if your students actually learn. Become an active part of their learning process.
  • Create a community. Getting involved in your student's learning process, and connecting with them will make you an industry leader.
  • Improve the production quality. There is always a place for improvement in your videos, better lighting and sound is crucial to improving the overall quality, and it pays off!
  • Become a mentor. Teach by sharing your personal experience with your students.

Here at CreativeMindClass, we offer a wide range of features that help you increase the value of your online course big time and make it possible to offer premium prices.

Do you need more details on how to create an online course? Here is a guide on how to get started on CreativeMindClass.

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