Social justice message in illustrations of Maïa Faddoul

Social justice message in illustrations of Maïa Faddoul

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

Canada-based illustrator, designer and creative teacher Maïa Faddoul uses her art to speak out about social justice and spread awareness about important causes.

A photo of Maïa Faddoul sitting on a chair, in front of her desk in her wokrspace.

"I am a first-generation Canadian artist working as an illustrator and a designer from my Montreal Studio. After studying both illustration and design at college and university, I now work in a variety of fields using both of streams of expertise to create bright and colorful images for editorials, packaging and publishing, and more."

Maïa Faddoul digital illustration. A dark hair woman on a pink background.

How would you describe your style?

"I see my style as high-contrast, colorful and bold, often with a subtle social justice message hiding somewhere. I am a total color-lover and kind of a maximalist when it comes to my art style."

Maïa Faddoul digital illustration. A dark hair woman holding flowers.

What is the key to making your illustrations?

"An important aspect of my practice is making art that reflects my beliefs and values. I'm not the most outspoken or extroverted person, so I tend to use my art as a way to express my beliefs, speak out about injustices and spread awareness to causes that mean a lot to me."

Be amazed by Maia's beautiful work on her Instagram and funky flower earrings avaliable on Etsy in a bunch of fun colours.

Maïa Faddoul digital illustration. A flower on a yellow background.
Maïa Faddoul digital illustration. A dark hair woman holding a line phone

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