Start Your Own Online Course Platform

Start Your Own Online Course Platform

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

Ever dreamt of starting your own course platform? Now you can.

CreativeMindClass helps you set up an online teaching platform with multiple classes and a community for your students. Add a class with lessons structured into sections with titles. As a teacher on the platform offer as many classes as you like with various pricing tags. For an added fee, you can even get a community feed for your platform.

CreativeMindClass platform has a number of unique features for visual artists.

When adding content to your class, upload videos from your computer, no third-party app is required. Then choose from a range of teaching options such as adding a title, description, trailer video, exercise, and uploads to your class. You can also add helpful PDFs to your posts that all students can download on the community feed, as well as video, images, or even Adobe raw files like PSDs or AI files among other formats.

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What is CreativeMindClass? Read about features, how to use it, and sign up for an account. CreativeMindClass has business features for your creative teaching practice.

CreativeMindClass enables connections with students and the teacher via the Community Feed.

Most discussion forums focus on reviewing course-related material, but on CreativeMindClass community is designed for geeking out about creative topics. While students are not allowed to create a post, they can comment under a post created by the teacher. To help students grow as creators, each student can give feedback to their fellow students about their artwork.

CreativeMindClass Price: Free to start with pay-as-you-earn pricing. We charge only when you succeed. CreativeMindClass charges 8% revenue share on classes, 12% revenue share on classes with community feature, and 16% revenue share on classes with community feature with the CreativeMindClass boost sales kit. (Note: Revenue share does not include processing fees charged by Stripe and the student invoicing fee.)

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Get Started with the CreativeMindClass Course Builderβ€” It's Free!



Run your own creative business, teach, and get paid.


Create your own video classes, without limits.


Upload lessons and provide learning materials in one place.


Give feedback effortlessly and post it to your feed.


Bring together like-minded people and geek out about creative topics.


Collect your payments globally with just a few clicks. Also in EU.

Building a Teaching Platform was never that easy. Want to turn followers into students with your own video course platform? Everything you need to launch engaging video courses and to build an online community. Start for free!

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