Oh So Kolo

Teacher-Author, Coach & Entrepreneur

Empowering those with low-incidence disabilities to reach their full potential.

9 Steps

We discuss all aspects of running a specialized unit with clear examples and materials to get you started.

More than 4 hours video course

I break down the class into manageable activities you can do in your own pace.

All resources in one places

Get all the resources, files and forms in one location for easy setup and use!

Anyone in the sped field!

New/seasoned teachers, paras, related services, & caregivers

New to the field? Run through the entire course! Have some experience, but need a refresher? Pick and choose the lessons and resources you need!

Planned out in 9 lessons

9 weeks of detailed content

Covering: Physical Structure & Materials, Master & Individual schedules, Communication, Behavior supports, Instruction & Curr., Data & progress, Lessons, Staff & Families


Resources & Materials

Don't reinvent the wheel! Use my editable, downloadable files, and templates so you can jump right in and be ready to go for the school year!

Mrs. Kolo: Classes, Exercises, Feedback & Feed starting from $38.00



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