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Riso Chan

Introspective portraits

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    Riso Chan

    Riso Chan is revealing struggles and joy in portraits.

    Learn how to express yourself and your inner world through portraits. We will take a look at the narrative that simple things such as line and color can convey in a painting, and use them to our advantage to create art where you can feel identified. We will focus on developing your own visual language, as well as enhancing it with technical knowledge.

    7 lessons (1 h 33 min)

    Riso Chan: Classes, Exercises, Feedback & Feed starting from €165.00




    32 min

    Meet your teacher

    Painter Riso Chan believes good painting helps us live and feel better. She lays out what she will cover in the class, including how to confidently make creative choices for your portraits.

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    Quick look at my work

    Riso Chan reveals how to paint elements, make a your portrait feel more yours and engage with your existing feelings to give your portrait a new spirit.

    Sources of inspiration

    Painting ideas are everywhere. To show you how to look for your own inspiration, Riso Chan shares how emotions became the basis for a series of her paintings.

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    Start a Portrait

    31 min

    Starting a Portrait

    Riso Chan teaches you how to ask the right initial questions that will get you started on your new portrait.

    1 Lesson Attachment

    Discovering watercolor textures

    Discover a multitude of ways to energize your artwork with tantalizing texture, juicy color and a fresh spirit of adventure!

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    The Process

    16 min

    The Process

    The goal is free-expression. Process painting emphasizes the creative process rather than technique or expertise. No prior art experience is necessary. We all start from beginner's mind.

    Closing thoughts

    16 min

    Wrapping up

    Riso Chan shares how she manages her time, how she faces challenges and deals with portrait failures and where and how she paints in the nature.

    Get skills


    Learn technical aspects of portrait painting as well as try different mediums. Also, we will take a look at color theory.

    Reach your goals


    Explore your unique voice and start understanding who you are as an artist. Take one step at a time, having fun in the process.



    Each lesson has exercises that you can work on and upload under the class and get my feedback. Every level is welcome!

    Introspective portraits

    7 Lessons