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Riccardo Russomanno

Combining illustration and photography

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    Riccardo Russomanno

    Ciao! I am a visual artist, and my art is colorful, with a twist for kindness and fragility.

    Drawing on photographs is a form of art that mixes fantasy and reality. The illustrations on top of the photo add extra layers of interpretation to a picture and transform it into something funny, colorful, and full of storytelling. Shapes, lines, objects, new clothes, accessories, lettering, words, sentences are some of the elements that can make your image stand out from the ordinary.

    9 lessons (2 h 18 min)

    3 exercises

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    Intro to the course

    31 min

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      About the class

      Welcome to this fun class! Yes, drawing on photography is a fun way to customize your pictures. Let's start and take a look at what we will do during all the lessons.

      About me

      My name is Riccardo Russomanno, and in this lesson, you will discover my artistic career and creative inspirations.

      Get inspired

      16 min

      Collect ideas and research

      For every creative project, one of the first steps is "research". Let me show you what is my favorite way to make good visual research.

      2 Lesson Attachments • Exercise

      Before we start

      46 min

      Picture Selection

      Which are the perfect pictures to use for this class? And where to get them? In this lesson, I will share with you tips and tricks for a great photography selection.

      How to define a color palette

      In this class, I will show you how important is the color palette and how to make a good one.

      How to use procreate

      In this class, I will teach you the basic knowledge of Procreate in order to be able to be creative for the next lessons.

      Let's start

      46 min

      What to draw?

      Now that you have a good picture, a colorful palette, and a good knowledge of Procreate, we can start making illustrations on photography! But wait, any idea of what to draw? Let me give you some advice!

      Sketch and try

      Finally, we draw! In this class, I show you how to start your artwork with simple lines and sketches, until preparing for the final piece.


      Final result & social media post

      In this lesson, we will finalize our artwork, and I'll share with you the best tips to post on social media.

      1 Lesson Attachment • Exercise

      look inward

      Your creative side

      Every one of us has a hidden creative side. My classes are designed to reconnect you with your spontaneous and artistic side.


      Make it digital

      In all the classes, I use an Ipad Pro and Procreate. It's handy and practical. But also I will be using sketchbooks and notebooks to deepen the creative research.

      Your creation

      Final Artworks

      The goal of every class is to connect yourself with your inner artistic world and bring it out with a piece of art entirely done by you.

      Combining illustration and photography

      9 Lessons, 3 Exercises, Feedback