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Riccardo Russomanno

Discover your inner symbols and use them to create your visual universe.

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    Riccardo Russomanno

    Ciao! I am a visual artist, and my art is colorful, with a twist for kindness and fragility.

    We live in a world full of symbols, and we store many of them in our subconscious memory. I'll show you some practices and exercises to open the door of your fantasy and dig in your memory universe. I will guide you through the process and help you to find and see your favorite inner symbols.

    9 lessons (2 h 12 min)

    1 exercises

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    44 min

    Intro to the course

    Welcome into this fantastic journey, get comfortable, and start to explore with me your inner symbols.

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    About me

    My name is Riccardo Russomanno, and in this lesson, you will discover my artistic career and creative inspirations.

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    What is a symbol?

    A symbol is a graphic element that, other than its visual appearance, carries multiple meanings. It can evoke feelings, emotions, ideas, and much more. In this lesson, we will get to know a bit more about symbols and their history.

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    Let's explore our inner world

    44 min

    Find your symbol

    Did you know that we have recurrent symbols in our imagination? Let's discover more about which are our favorites and why.

    Connecting with our symbols with Automatic drawing

    Automatic drawing is a powerful technique to get in contact with our subconscious and imagination. In this lesson, I will give a sample of how to use this mystical method and get to draw your inner symbols.

    Connecting with our symbols with automatic writing

    In this teaching, we will explore our inner world by using a similar approach to the lesson before. But this time, instead of drawing, we will write.


    Universe of symbol artwork

    44 min

    Selecting the best sketches

    It's time to collect our ideas written and sketched during the exercises before. Let's take a moment to analyze them and to decide which are our favorite ones.

    How to create a composition with all the symbols

    Finally, it's time to draw our concepts and sketches into something concrete. Let's go slow, and step by step, I'll show you how to create your composition of symbols.

    The final artwork

    Let's give the last touches to our artwork, and we are ready for the ultimate rewarding steps. Print it or post it!

    look inward

    Your creative side

    Every one of us has a hidden creative side. My classes are designed to reconnect you with your spontaneous and artistic side.


    Make it digital

    In all the classes, I use an Ipad Pro and Procreate. It's handy and practical. But also I will be using sketchbooks and notebooks to deepen the creative research.

    Your creation

    Final Artworks

    The goal of every class is to connect yourself with your inner artistic world and bring it out with a piece of art entirely done by you.

    Discover your inner symbols and use them to create your visual universe.

    9 Lessons, 1 Exercises, Feedback