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Surrealistic illustration with narrative intention

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    Jennifer Gast

    Jennifer brings your treasure to light. Meaningful illustrations come to life with watercolors.

    In this class, I would like to share the whole process of my creative work. Before creating an imaginative and dreamlike illustration, thoughts and creative processes precede it. Everyone gathers a treasure of experiences and perceptions inside themselves. You just have to bring it to the surface. I will give you advice on how to find and package your intention. With exercises and tips to raise your own voice and put it into an illustration.

    9 lessons (2 h 16 min)

    7 exercises

    Jennifer Gast: Classes, Exercises, Feedback & Feed starting from €110.00



    Let's get started

    46 min


    Let's start this is an intense course, full of hands-on exercises. First, awaken your imagination. Everything in your inner world could be an intention for your illustration. Emotions, experiences, perceptions, and the view of them waiting to be expressed.



    → Explain inspiration in illustration proces → Share some examples → Sources of inspiration → Techniques for Finding Inspiration → Exercise: Finding Inspiration

    Word puzzle, awaken your imagination

    In this exercise we will create images from random words. It will fire your imagination and it will be fun to put things together that are not from the same place.


    Translation, animals, symbols, and surrealism

    46 min

    Animals and their meanings

    The Translation into an illustration can be versatile. You can represent a certain quality or emotion through animals. Learn about their different meanings and use them in your illustration.


    The world of fairy tales and myths and their symbols

    We all know the magic of fairy tales or myths. The fascination lies hidden in their symbols. Here we will dive deeper and explore these worlds.

    Collage technique, like a dream

    When we dream, reality becomes blurred. I will give you examples of how you can put your intention and what you have learned so far into a dreamlike illustration. Discover the many possibilities of the collage technique.


    Visual metaphors, how to package the treasure

    46 min


    In this lesson, you will learn about visual metaphors and how to package your treasure. Here I show you that each element can become a different one. It's really fun to shape things according to your own pleasure.



    In a surreal world, everything can have its own personality. Not only animals, as we know from fairy tales, but every imaginable object. Go on a quest and change your perspective.


    Exaggeration, twisted perspective

    You can also use exaggeration in your illustration to make your intention more obvious. Or play with an unusual perspective. Discover the possibilities and raise your own voice and put it into an illustration.



    Unlock Your Creative Potential

    Learn to express your intention in an imagined illustration. I'll show you how to find your treasure and put it into an illustration. Be creative, start dreaming and raise your voice.

    get skills

    Explore a World of Artistic Possibilities

    Discover the many ways to get creative. We will sketch and play with compositions. Experiment with watercolors and add other techniques.


    Receive Personalized Feedback

    We will go through the process together and you will put the many ideas and tips into practice. I will be there for you and give you feedback. Let the adventure begin!

    Surrealistic illustration with narrative intention

    9 Lessons, 7 Exercises, Feedback


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