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Fairytale illustrations for children's books

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    Jennifer Gast

    Jennifer brings your treasure to light. Meaningful illustrations come to life with watercolors.

    Seeing the world through the eyes of children leads us to new ways. A magical world, full of fantasy and boundlessness. We can find it in fairytales, but also in everyday life with children. Here you can imagine whatever you want. In this class, I would like to make you dream again. Let your imagination create ideas with ease and fun. I will accompany you on your search and show you the way from an idea to a fairytale illustration.

    9 lessons (2 h 28 min)

    2 exercises

    Jennifer Gast: Classes, Exercises, Feedback & Feed starting from €110.00



    If you don't know, reinterpret fairy tales

    50 min

    Conscious reading of a text

    We examine a text of a well-known fairy tale and look for interpretation between the lines. Think the fairytale further or think of new twists.

    1 Lesson Attachment

    Sketching and interpretation

    Using some of my illustrations, we will explore these new interpretations. They will serve as an example of how you can develop a character and set it in the scene.

    3 Lesson Attachments • Exercise

    Composition: trial and error

    In this step, I will show you some composition examples. We will make a few sketches to see what best underlines our intention. This is about trial and error to arrive at a meaningful composition.

    2 Lesson Attachments

    How to create short stories

    50 min

    Everyday situations: Conscious listening

    Now, we go to search for stories ourselves. You can discover a trigger for a story in all kinds of everyday situations. Focus your attention on conscious listening.

    Remembering childhood days

    Remember your childhood days. Here you can always find a good anecdote, a misunderstanding because you didn't know better or your limitless imagination that can be told. Direct your consciousness there again and lift the treasure.


    Another possibility is to daydream. Look at random people walking by and make up little stories about them. Look at objects and think about what they would say about themselves. Just let your imagination fly.

    Transforming an idea into a fairytale illustration

    50 min

    Choosing a short story

    I give you examples of how you can turn an idea into a fairytale illustration. For me, it is always a joy how things come together and tell a story for everyone who takes the time. Join me on this journey.

    Composition and sketching

    Using the selected story as an example, I will make a few sketches to arrive at a balanced composition. Here I will explore which idea of composition best illuminates the story.


    Creating the illustration

    In the last step, I will make the illustration. I will share some tips with you on how to add more depth to the illustration. Let your idea appear in a colorful, fairytale world on watercolor paper.

    Be aware

    3 Classes

    Learn to express your intention in an imagined illustration. I'll show you how to find your treasure and put it into an illustration. Be creative, start dreaming and raise your voice.

    get skills

    27 Lessons

    Discover the many ways to get creative. We will sketch and play with compositions. Experiment with watercolors and add other techniques.


    incl. 7 Exercises

    We will go through the process together and you will put the many ideas and tips into practice. I will be there for you and give you feedback. Let the adventure begin!

    Fairytale illustrations for children's books

    9 Lessons, 2 Exercises, Feedback


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