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Watercolor Online Course

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    Jennifer Gast

    Jennifer brings your treasure to light. Meaningful illustrations come to life with watercolors.

    In this class, I will be highlighting the watercolor technique. I like watercolors because of their transparency and the surprises that arise. You can add colored pencils, fine liners, or wax crayons to give the painting texture where needed. Explore the possibilities, experiment, and have fun. Connect what you have learned with all kinds of inspirations. Have an open eye for the things that uplift you and help your illustration to more liveliness.

    9 lessons (2 h 39 min)

    3 exercises

    Jennifer Gast: Classes, Exercises, Feedback & Feed starting from €110.00



    Exploring the watercolor technique

    53 min

    Wet on wet technique, color gradients, mixing colors

    You can master the watercolors or let them flow. Here I show you some exercises for the wet on wet technique. You will learn how to create color gradients and how to mix colors.

    1 Lesson Attachment • Exercise

    Layering color intensity

    If you want to master watercolor, you will work layer by layer. I will explain how to slowly build up the color intensity. It's a good technique to add depth to your images.

    Different ways of planning white

    The existence of white in your watercolor painting is represented by the white paper. Which is why it is necessary to plan the white areas. Here are a few tips on how to do this in different ways.

    3 Lesson Attachments

    Complementary techniques

    53 min

    Small improvements

    When I have finished the watercolor, I complete it with a colored pencil or pencil. Here it is important to check where the painting still needs depth, delimitation, or structure.

    2 Lesson Attachments

    Conscious breaking with other techniques

    Here I show you how another technique, for example, fine liner or pencil can take over a whole part of the drawing. With this technique, you can underline an intention, create contrasts or bring structure.

    Structures or patterns

    In this video you will gain a little insight into how to give your painting more life with structures or patterns. You can experiment here with very different drawing tools.

    Gathering inspiration and references

    53 min

    Color palettes

    Creating a collection of things that you like or are impressed by can help you at any time. If you like a picture you see because of its colors, look closely. See the balance of colors and let it inspire your project.



    Analyze compositions that appeal to you. Sometimes we don't even realize why the painting appeals to us. Look at what is in front of you and let it flow into your illustrations.

    2 Lesson Attachments

    What surrounds you

    Attention is also paid to the things that surround you. Maybe even beautiful mementos, pieces of clothing, patterns, and shapes. They can always help you fill your illustration or even invite you to create an illustration.


    Be aware

    3 Classes

    Learn to express your intention in an imagined illustration. I'll show you how to find your treasure and put it into an illustration. Be creative, start dreaming and raise your voice.

    get skills

    27 Lessons

    Discover the many ways to get creative. We will sketch and play with compositions. Experiment with watercolors and add other techniques.


    incl. 7 Exercises

    We will go through the process together and you will put the many ideas and tips into practice. I will be there for you and give you feedback. Let the adventure begin!

    Watercolor Online Course

    9 Lessons, 3 Exercises, Feedback


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