"Field of Sunflowers", an upcoming graphic novel.

"Field of Sunflowers", an upcoming graphic novel.

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

Yvette is working full-time to produce her first graphic novel. The process will take about 1.5 years. To start in 2021, Yvette got back to learning again. While she is working to produce the first graphic novel, she also has set time aside to learn more about creating background art and character design. Thanks to the support of her audience, she can fully focus on producing her graphic novel, working on fan film posters and original illustrations.

How would you describe your style?

"I would consider my style to be a fusion of Western & Asian influences, with an antique and vintage feeling to it."

Three girls standing in different poses. "Field of Sunflowers". Yvette's graphic novel image
"Field of Sunflowers". Yvette's graphic novel image

What is the key to making your novel illustrations?

"The key is bringing the characters out to the readers while executing well-thought-out layouts & composition.

Most importantly, the discipline to progress on the novel each and every day till completion."

"Field of Sunflowers". Yvette's graphic novel image
A man daydreaming with elbows on a table. "Field of Sunflowers". Yvette's graphic novel image

About Yvette...

"My name is Yvette, I'm an illustrator from Singapore.

I love story-telling and exploring all kinds of art mediums, and I enjoy indulging in films and music, which you can find most of it being inspired in my works."

A couple talking in the flower shop. "Field of Sunflowers" Yvette's graphic novel image
"Field of Sunflowers". Yvette's graphic novel image

"You can check out my illustrations on Instagram . I'm also on Patreon, where I upload exclusive and early access artworks!"

Yvette's graphic novel releases on July 2022.

A collage of multiple immages from Yvette's graphic novel "FIeld of Sunflowers".
Yvette's graphic novel images collage (www.yvecz.com)

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