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Loved by top creative professionals - CreativeMindClass gives you freedom to
teach effectively, build a sustainable business and engage your community online,
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Unified teaching Platform

A platform for a visual creator

We bring together everything that is required to thrive as a commercial artist with teaching and selling globally. Move workshops, courses, mentorship and everything in-between to the most versatile art platform. Join our creative community — let's make something better together.

We help creatives teach with video lessons, create exercises, give feedback, build community and much more.
We also automate promotion, landing pages, up-sells and make easy VAT for students.


Building a Teaching Platform was never that easy

Start with a complete solution so you don’t need to stitch together multiple softwares to give your students a great learning experience or spend weeks creating a website — no coding skills required.

A whole platform just for you

Our platform empowers you to have your own teaching space and
gives the tools you need to offer the best learning experience.

Designed to stand out

Gallery-like display for classes

Our pre-built layout with big visuals makes it easy to present tasty art details. The beauty of your work doesn’t get lost in ads, flashy timers or discounts.

Learn how to get started

How to create a class

    1. Choose a plan and start for free.
    2. Use our pre-built layout and create your own Teaching space.
    3. Upload your video class and set a custom class price.
    4. Publish on your portal and promote it using social media.

Full learning experience for your students

By using CMC Feed, your students engage more actively, learn more effectively, and gain essential skills for expanding creativity.

Engage with exercises

CreativeMindClass comes with Lesson Exercises that make hands-on learning by doing easy to manage. You can quickly add an exercise to your lesson and view uploaded Students’ Works in your dashboard.

Enhance learning with feedback

With CreativeMindClass your students get their skills boost with feedback from you and from other students. So everyone can contribute to the community's creative growth and gain skills.

posts that inspire

Build your creative community

Add your personality to every post with CMC Feed, designed to inspire and bring people together.

Wake up creativity

Now you can inspire creativity on your own Feed. With mentoring, your students are becoming active creators.

Share your story

Share more insights with inspiring videos, fun challenges, useful tips or simply art you’re crazy about.

Bond with students

Geek out about your favourite creative topics or innovations and lead rewarding conversations with students.

Optimised for social media promotion

Master the art of selling

Pave the shortest way to clicking the ‘Buy The Class’ button for your followers. CMC's Promo automations make it easy to match your social media and prepare the entire platform for a new class campaign.

Maximise your global potential

Find the hidden path of selling and shining

Reach an audience of any size and teach in many countries in the language you love. CreativeMindClass makes international payments easy with the world’s best payment processing softwares.

You're a part of something bigger.

Learn from other creators who turn their dreams into a reality.

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CreativeMindClass Help

Why the CreativeMindClass platform is the best choice for you

With your increasing following, the quality and competitiveness of your offer needs to increase as well. Kickstart a professional teaching platform using CMC for free. With full technical support, top-of-the-line security and 24/7 customer care CMC is more than just a teaching platform, it is a complete online business solution.

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CreativeMindClass is an ever-growing community of creators, teachers and students alike, who join each other on the learning platform to create, teach, learn, connect and inspire.


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Made with remotely from Amsterdam
Art by Riso Chan
Illustrations by Ricc