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Inspire people like you in posts; share classes BTS, mentor students, teach with feedback, and more.

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Build a thriving Community

Mentor with posts, five feedback and bond with students on the Feed.

Create Full learning experience

Engage students with lesson exercises. Receive student works and enhance with feedback.

Highly Sharable content

Invite your Social Media followers to new classes and engage with posts. Your students can proudly shine with their work sharing what they learned.


Creative Mind Class’s Pro Community makes even complex topics easy to teach. Feed recreates the learning experience as close as possible to a classroom. We focus on creating the best student experience and active engagement in learning by being a part of creative community.

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For creators that want to create full learning experience and build community.


  • Own community Feed
  • Mentoring with Posts
  • Student engagement with exercises
  • Feedback sessions
  • Lesson Discussions
  • Students-only comments

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Build Community of Creatives

Make an impact and lead a
group of enthusiastic students.

Make an impact and lead a group of enthusiastic students.

Do things differently and present your uniqueness on personal platform.

No hate, only love

Love at all time! Everyone can
see your community but only
enrolled students can give
comments and support each
other with a good cheer.

Bond with students

Start meaningful discussions where Students can deep-dive into creative topics.

Join class button

Joining an exercise in class couldn’t be easier with Join class button on the Student Work Post.

Student Work Gallery

Give your best preparing exercises for students and see their works in Student Gallery.

Class scheduling

It’s all about right timing. Publish your new class when it can have the biggest impact.

Landing Pages

Reach a bigger audience with easy to share automated landing pages. For new class, post or feedback.

Global business online

Use potential of online and go global. Attract audience of any size and use CMC’s global payment methods.

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Why the Creative Mind Class platform is the best choice for you

With your increasing following, the quality and competitiveness of your offer needs to increase as well. Kickstart a professional teaching platform using CMC for free. With full technical support, top-of-the-line security and 24/7 customer care CMC is more than just a teaching platform, it is a complete online business solution.

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CreativeMindClass is an ever-growing community of creators, teachers, and students alike, who join each other on the online course platform to create, teach, learn, connect and inspire.

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