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Simple plans. Simple prices. Pay only for what you really need and only when you earn.
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of your income earned on CMC Plus payment & invoicing fees
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  • Complete and ready to use online course platform
  • Unlimited Online courses
  • A whole platform just for you
  • No setup fees, monthly fees or hidden fees


For creators
that want to give a full learning experience


of your income earned on CMC Plus payment & invoicing fees
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  • Own Community Feed
  • Mentoring with Posts
  • Student engagement with exercises
  • Feedback sessions
  • Lesson Discussions
  • Student-only comments


For creators
that want to skyrocket their sales and leads


of your income earned on CMC Plus payment & invoicing fees
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  • All you need to boost your sales
  • Support for your class campaigns
  • Classes recommendations
  • Landing pages with upsell

Looking for own space to sell video classes?

Start with the Basic version and upgrade any time.

Pay only when you earn

Making a living as a creative artist can be tough. That’s why we created a pay-as-you-earn pricing model.
We charge only when you succeed. So no setting-up fees, no monthly charges, no hidden fees.

Fixed payment processing fee

Secure online payment for EU and non-EU cards. Always know what you’ll be charged.


Credit cards and international payments

Fixed per-transaction fee means you always know what you’ll be charged.

Local payment methods

Support dozens of popular payment methods around the world with a single integration.

Secure authentication

We verify a customer’s identity before online purchase by card.

Quick payouts

With automated daily payouts, you receive money to your account without delay.


Student invoicing fee for digital services

CMC makes accounting easy and enables you to run your business globally without restrictions.


We calculate tax rates

Due to digital services tax regulations, for every class sold a different VAT rate needs to be calculated and shown on the student invoice. Country of origin of the purchase needs to be identified and cross-checked with the payment origin and stored in a database… and it’s all so complex that we decided to do that for you.

No complicated taxes for you

We take care of invoicing your students. You can sell thousands of classes and you will get just one combined invoice a month. At the end of the tax period, you give it to your accountant and that’s about it. How awesome is that?


More benefits

Get features with Creative Mind Class per-sold class pricing

Work smart, not hard

Being effective is about automations. It’s easy to run a portal that works while you sleep.

Don’t hide your beauty

Do things differently and present your uniqueness on a personal platform.

No hate, only love

Love at all times! Everyone can see your community but only enrolled students can give comments and support each other with a good cheer.

Bond with students

Start a meaningful discussion where students can deep-dive into creative topics.

Join Class button

Joining an exercise in class couldn’t be easier with Join Class button on the Student Work Post.

Student Work Gallery

Give your best exercises for students to practice and see their works in Student Gallery.

Class scheduling

It’s all about the right timing. Publish your new class when it can have the biggest impact.

Landing Pages with Upsells

Why would you promote only one class if you could promote five at once? Multiply your gains with automated landing pages with upsells.

Feedback for the teacher

Save time and get quick feedback to find out what your students like in the comments under each lesson.

Features List

Fully integrated teaching portal with own website
Unlimited online courses
Enroll unlimited number of students
Mobile optimised
Ad free
Retain ownership over your content
No non-compete agreement
Powered by the CreativeMindClass badge
Teacher Experience
Pre-built website, ready to use layout
Maintenance free
No coding required
Easy content creation
Course drafts - scheduled content
Manage content, courses and comments from any device
Onboarding call
Pre-launch platform review
Sell Courses
Set custom price
Fully managed purchase & enrolment process
Course preview on a checkout page
One-click buy for students
International and local payment methods support
Student invoicing for digital services
Once-per-month income invoice for you administration
Receive daily payouts to your bank account
Sales skyrocketing
Call-to-Action bars and buttons
Own Community Feed
Easy to share landing pages with Courses, Posts or Student Works
Automated Promo Post for new Course on the Activity Feed
Other courses recommendations on landing pages
Upsells for Classes on Class Pages
Big home page section for Promoted Class
Student Experience
Course Page with lesson sections
Easy lesson navigation
Continue watching
Resume lesson where left-off on any device
Student space for a logged-in student
Upsells for Classes on the student space
Promoted Courses on the student space
Feed access on the student space
Active student engagement
Attachments on Lesson pages
Exercise section on Lesson pages
Mentoring on the Activity Feed
Comments on Posts for students only
Discussions with fellow students
‘Upload Work’ button for Student Works
Give feedback on Student Works
Automatically post student work with feedback to the Feed
'Join the course' button on the Student Work Post
Collect Student Works in Student Gallery


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Ideal for creators that want to give a full learning experience.


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