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Basic delivers to you the most exclusive teaching tools, a visually
prominent space, and exciting features to run your own creative platform.

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Basic - Product core

Turn your followers into students

Create great video classes and promote them on your social media channels.

Fully integrated video teaching platform

Effortlessly create, sell and manage video classes.

Whole platform just for you

Creativity is about turning one’s unique ideas into reality. Embrace your uniqueness with a personal platform.


With CreativeMindClass your can teach anywhere. We support international and local payments from your students. The CMC percentage pricing is based on how many successful charges your business processed. No subscription and no start-up costs.

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For creators just getting started with video classes.


per month plus payment & invoicing fees
  • Complete, pre-built and ready to use teacher’s platform
  • Unlimited Video Lessons
  • Whole platform just for you
  • No set-up fees, or hidden fees

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Get awesome features with CreativeMindClass per-sold-class pricing.

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Works while you sleep

Run a clever online business with the portal that works 24/7.

Don’t hide your beauty

Present your beautiful work on large art-like displays made specially for visual works.


Shine on an ad-free platform, giving your students a quality experience with no distractions.

Make only lessons that you love

Remove the dullness from teaching. Record lessons and teach new things that excite you right now.

Grow as an artist

Passive income allows you not only to pay bills but also to be more picky with projects that you take on.

Vibrant online presence

Stand out with your creation and share it boldly with the world.

Shine on Social Media

Bet on yourself owning a product that will allow you make big $ from your Social Media following.

Landing pages

Reach a bigger audience with easy-to-share and automated landing pages for your new class, post or feedback on student work.

Global business online

Use the potential of online and go global. Attract audience of any size and use CMC’s global payment methods.

CreativeMindClass Help

Why the Creative Mind Class platform is the best choice for you

With your increasing following, the quality and competitiveness of your offer needs to increase as well. Kickstart a professional teaching platform using CMC for free. With full technical support, top-of-the-line security and 24/7 customer care CMC is more than just a teaching platform, it is a complete online business solution.

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CreativeMindClass is an ever-growing community of creators, teachers, and students alike, who join each other on the online course platform to create, teach, learn, connect and inspire.

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  • Templates
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  • Inspiration
  • Product
  • For coaches
  • For marketers
  • For photographers
  • For illustrators
  • For painters
  • For artists
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