A quiet color pallet in non-digital collages of Ed Cheverton.

A quiet color pallet in non-digital collages of Ed Cheverton.

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

Ed Cheverton is a Bristol based Artist and Illustrator. His work features collage, comics, zines and toys.

"I live and work in Bristol UK and studied Illustration at Brighton UK. I've been a practicing artist and illustrator since 2013, with my focus slowly shifting over the years from bright and colorful character work to more abstracted and process heavy work. I tend to make work with a mix of collage, drawing, a mix of the two, and every so often 3D. I also make and self-publish a lot of zines and sometimes comics."

How would you describe your collage style?

"Primarily non-digital (though that's a personal preference, both traditional and digital ways of working are as valid as each other) with lots of paper textures. I used to make work with lots of bright colors, but I've been trying to be more considered and 'quieter' with my colors in recent years. I put a lot of emphasis on composition and shapes too. Most of my work is fairly playful as I think of the collage and drawing I do as an act of play, or an activity of fun."

A paper collage of Ed Cheverton. A little story of a car falling apart.
Car falls apart

What is the key to making your collages?

"It's hard to pick a single 'key' to the way I make illustrations and other artwork. A sense of fun, joy, and play is essential in the way I make work, so I always try to find a way of injecting that into whatever I'm making. I always tell myself 'If I'm not enjoying making this particular piece then I shouldn't be making it and I need to find another approach'. More often than not with illustration projects, I find that to get the best outcome simplifying everything really helps. I often get bogged down in details, or particular ideas or points then have to take a step back and simplify everything down to its basic essence. This can often apply as much to content as it can to form."

A paper collage of Ed Cheverton. Creative objects on a table: brushes.
Friday Collage

"I made a piece for a really worthwhile project that just launched here in the UK called Communitea. 55 artists including myself were invited to make a piece of work in response to our connection with Chinese culture, which is now available to purchase as a print from Roomfifty with all profits going to help save the London Chinese Community centre from closure and combat the rise of anti-Asian hate."

See more of Ed's collages on Instagram and his website.

A paper collage of Ed Cheverton. A watering can with a man's head.
Watering Can - watering Man
A paper collage of Ed Cheverton. A rug pattern.

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