A watercolor teacher, Amarylis Henderson, talks about being a full-time artist

A watercolor teacher, Amarylis Henderson, talks about being a full-time artist

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

"Becoming a mom called me back to painting." Amarilys Henderson

"You'll often hear me chant variations of this phrase as I teach: we go from big to small -meaning bigger brush to small brush, loose to tight, light to dark. It's key to begin with joy and excitement, following a loose plan, and then allowing the piece to speak back to you where it wants you to go."

Watercolor painting tips:

  • Go from big to a small brush
  • Go from loose to tight moves
  • Go from light to dark colors
An Amarylis Henderson hand illustration of flowers. Paper on a table with creative accesories: markers, paints and a color palette.

My background

"I was that quiet girl in the back of the class, nose deep in a sketchbook. Not much has changed since. At one point I had a creative burnout, but becoming a mom called me back to watercolor painting. I found myself again by combining art with my spiritual practice, and created "Watercolor Devo's." These works spurred me into working as a creative teacher and a full time artist."

How would you describe your watercolor style?

"I can't get away from the fun, bold or pink. A touch of vintage quirk or visual tension is often my focus as I'm working. But most of all, I like to bring the best of watercolor to the page--relishing in vibrant bleeds of bold hues."

Amarylis Henderson digital illustration.
An Amarylis Henderson hand illustration of a dog. Paper on a table with creative accessories: , paints, brushes, and a color palette.

You can find Amarylis's watercolor painting prints, books and other goodies on her website watercolordevo.com . Those who love all things watercolor or want to grow in their art will LOVE this guide to painting with watercolor! And it's FREE. watercolordevo.com/guide

An Amarylis Henderson hand illustration of strawberries. A closeup on a hand holding the illustration. A color palette in the background..

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