“No pressure” fiber and felt art with Amanda Adams

“No pressure” fiber and felt art with Amanda Adams

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

"My style of art-making whether it’s sewing, drawing or whatever is unselfconscious and meant to delight and inspire people."

About the fiber artist, Amanda Adams

I’m a fiber artist and illustrator based in Baltimore. I moved here to go to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) which is where Nicole Mueller and I met and became friends before we started the Beyond the Studio podcast together. Over the last nine years, I’ve been building up my small art business Close Call Studio where I work full time.

Fiber art by Amanda Adams. Mushrooms.
Wall mushrooms

How would you describe your style?

My style of art-making whether it’s sewing, drawing or whatever is unselfconscious and meant to delight and inspire people. I can be moody and direct and some of my work can be kinda dark but there’s always an element of humor and playfulness involved.

Felt art by Amanda Adams. Home cleaning objects.
Felt versions of various things around Amanda's home. #closecallhomeseries

What is the key to making your art?

It changes from season to season but currently holding an attitude of “no pressure” in the studio is absolutely key for me right now. I’ve always put a great deal of pressure on myself which didn’t reflect well in my work or life so creating space for rest and gardening are just as imperative to my process as sitting down to draw.

An Illustration by Amanda Adams. A coloring book with colored pencils on a table.
Close Call Coloring Book

Follow my personal work on Instagram and listen to Beyond the Studio on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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