Adventurous digital illustrations

Adventurous digital illustrations

by CreativeMindClass • 5 min read

I did my Teriberka series after traveling there. Russian North, the Arctic. A town where people used to build ships and catch a lot of fish. Now it's kind of abandoned.

My background

My name is Ekaterina Boguslavskaya. I grew up in Russia.

I studied in Moscow, but I spent my summers in the countryside.

There was no hot water, the house was heated with a furnace, and the neighbors raised cows and goats. Wonderful times! Besides nature and bicycles, I was obsessed with cartoons. All my peers grew up and stopped liking cartoons, but I did the opposite! I realized it could become my favorite thing to do. That's how I got into film school in Moscow, Russia.

digital illustration
Teriberka series, 2019

My style

I want my drawings to always evoke some very soulful feelings. Like coming to warm up by the fireplace after a day of skiing in the woods.

digital illustration
Tiny snails, Tiny Things series, 2020

My process

I enjoy the process of drawing. It has something in common with meditation. When I’m working, it may get dark outside, I’ll get hungry, but nothing really matters while I’m in the process.

digital illustration
My childhood house, 2020

Now I work in both the animation industry and illustration... And even for board games. I really love what I do.

I've always been drawing a lot. But it started to look better when I graduated. Because I began to decide what and how I draw.

digital illustration
Teriberka series, 2019

My advice to doubtful visual artists

Think about what you like and enjoy it. Try to listen less to people if you don't really like what they do. Everything will work out! And there will be people who will love what you do.

digital illustration
Thailand, 2020

My technique

I draw almost everything on my iPad in Procreate. Sometimes I finish something in Photoshop.

The iPad has really improved my life. Now I work in bed, in libraries, in cafes. I choose a place to work, I move around, I don't just sit in front of my computer. So the iPad is a treasure that combines classic drawing and computer drawing.

digital illustration
Hiking, 2020

The iPad has great brushes. For example, I bought watercolor brushes from "The Watercolor MaxPack - Brushes for Procreate". I get excited every time I use them. They are as close to real watercolors as possible.

digital illustration
Treehouse, 2021

A few words about how I do my work

I try to make a rough outline of the objects. Because I find hard outlines harsh and cold.

Sometimes I make my shadows cold bluish with the multiply setting. Sometimes I use overlay. But I don't understand that much about it.

digital illustration
Tiny Frogs, Tiny things series, 2020

Procreate has some good blur settings, try them out! There are several kinds of them, and they're very good. But mostly I draw as I do it with classic materials on canvas or paper.

I'm still searching, still studying my subjects, and trying to get closer to the image I like by making personal projects.

About the Teriberka series

I did after traveling there (to Teriberka). Russian North, the Arctic. A town where people used to build ships and catch a lot of fish. Now it's kind of abandoned.

Google it, please! It is very beautiful.

digital illustration
Teriberka series, 2019

I always like the North.

I like the people, the animals, the millions of shades of moss. Tiny berries contain loads of vitamins, more than tropical fruits. It's very impressive.

Northern cliffs look like the skin of giant elephants! These are the feelings that I tried to show in the pictures.

digital illustration
Teriberka series, 2019
digital illustration
Teriberka series, 2019

About the Tiny Things series

This project came into my mind when I was very tired of work, the pandemic, and the city.

Photos from the forest

I bought a macro lens and went into the forest. And how much incredible beauty was under my feet! Every inch of nature was beautiful. It gave me a lot of creative energy. That's how this project came about.

No matter what happens, there is a miracle right under the feet!

digital illustration
Tiny Fox, Tiny Things series, 2020
digital illustration
Tiny Moss, Tiny Things series, 2020
digital illustration
Tiny night, Tiny Things series, 2020

How I organize my work time

The hardest thing is to manage time and rest, to answer 'no' to offers that are not particularly suitable. Or to take on a lot of work and try to survive and not get tired of doing what you love. All this I am still learning.

digital illustration
North, 2018

About the creative blocks

The hard part is the process itself - sometimes it doesn't work out. I don't like the result. So you can suffer for eight hours, get frustrated. And then a couple of days later, you can redo it in an hour and everything looks good. What's that? Magic.

digital illustration

My little advice on how to overcome creative blocks

When there is some kind of task - do not sit down immediately to draw (if possible). Let your brain think in the background while you're busy doing other things. That's how I think the best solutions come.

digital illustration
Moscow, 2020

How I view my work

If I were to grade my own work - I would never give myself an "excellent". It's very exhausting and I torture myself. But on the other hand, it drives me forward.

Drawing is like a great adventure!

You have tickets to a country, you already know something from Google, something will surprise you right on the spot. So far, it seems like a cool adventure to me.

digital illustration
If I were a house, 2020

You can find more of Ekaterina's works on and keep an eye out for an expansion of the series shown here on Instagram , Artstation or Behance.

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