Finding your true self sparks creativity and gives an outlet for joy and pain

Finding your true self sparks creativity and gives an outlet for joy and pain

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

Àngela Maria Sierra, a Spain-born artist portrays true self and things that she is feeling. It's reflected in figures with rich emotional lives full of sensitivity, ease, and joy.

Connecting to your true self; the deep essence of what a person is.

Àngela Maria Sierra, a Spanish-born artist, portrays true self and emotions she is experiencing. This is reflected in figures with rich emotional lives, full of sensitivity, ease, and joy.

She is better known in the art world as Riso Chan - a portrait artist and an art teacher currently living in The Netherlands. She just started her new artistic journey with videos and her own creative YouTube channel! It’s something that she wanted to do for a very long time. Bravely storming through the discomfort of talking to a camera, she released a fun-to-watch video about herself, her work, and her creative surroundings.

Artist Vlog - Riso Chan

Riso Chan about embracing her sensitive true self through art:

My work is very emotional. I work on portraits that portray the things I am feeling. I was always a very sensitive person. Since I was a child, it has been something that always felt a bit uncomfortable and I tried to put it down. (…) As you grow, you realise that actually it’s alright and everyone feels differently. I decided to use all the emotional energy I bring to my everyday life and start painting. I use it to fuel my creativity and to spark new ideas. That is amazing because something that I was pushing down all my life, all of a sudden, I put on a paper, and it felt like such a relief. Finally, there is a place where I can use this sensitivity, I can use these emotions, pains, and joys and put them on paper. It felt really awesome and brought me to a place of gratefulness. It started resonating with a lot of people too. I was opening up and putting things on paper that I never thought of before. Instead of trying to be like other artists who already “made it”, I really tuned to what I want to say and who I am as a person. I embraced something that I did not like about myself and I realised it is actually my superpower. I am really happy being my true sensitive self.

Follow her on Instagram for glimpses into her process and updates on available works.

True self: If (2021)
If (2021)
True self: The connection (2021)
The connection (2021)
True self: Intimacy (2021)
Intimacy (2021)

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