Help & Quick Tips added to the teacher dashboard.

Help & Quick Tips added to the teacher dashboard.

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

CreativeMindClass' newest update helps you create a video teaching platform in no time.

Update for the teacher dashboard - Help and Quick Tips box: add images with the perfect ratio, upload winning videos, or write well-converting My Homepage content using the CreativeMindClass help, tips, and best practices guidelines. You'll see the Help and Quick Tips boxes at the bottom, inside of any content edit field.

The easier it is to start a task, the more likely you are going to do it. That's why a good teaching platform doesn't just give you tools to fill in content; it gives you some helpful tips on how to do it right at your fingertips, too.

The CreativeMindClass new Help and Quick Tips box helps you with some clear guidelines right underneath the edit field (instead of being placed on a page which you'll probably never find like in Help or FAQs 🙃).

Here are some of the ways CreativeMindClass teachers are using the Help and Quick Tips box:

Titles, descriptions, and paragraphs

Thinking about what title is best for your class or what should be written on My Homepage? Now, below every text edition field, you can find some tips that will help you get started.

Images and Videos

Sharp images and well-cropped videos are the basics of good visual content. Getting around the size and ratio specifications and requirements for visuals can be annoying, so we placed all the sizes (and ratios!) right in front of your eyes.

Need some bulletproof best practices? Use quick tips.

In the Help & Quick Tips! You can find not only the platform-specific size recommendations for visuals, but we also give you the best practices used in the industry to make good content.

Whether you're adding the content for the first time or improving the existing content of your CreatvieMindClass teaching portal, the Help & Quick Tips box helps to complete your task faster. That means you can spend less time tracking things down and more time getting things done.

Ready to try CreativeMindClass' latest update out for yourself? Get a taste of it on the CreativeMindClass teacher dashboard.

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