A self-taught book illustrator, Soosh, about her fairytale characters

A self-taught book illustrator, Soosh, about her fairytale characters

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

Soosh: "If I tried to find the words to describe my style, it would be a "fairytale realism" kind of style. But speaking seriously, no style."

As I was researching Soosh to begin this article properly, I stumbled upon her videos. If you've seen her work, you'll know that it seems as if a magical fairytale was reborn. By also adding her voice in the form of stories, she makes it a full-rounded magical experience bringing her fairytale characters to life. Keep reading but make sure you stop by on her YouTube channel with a cup of hot tea and prepare yourself for a pretty special fairytale evening.

We asked Soosh about the key to capturing the little moments of everyday life in her artwork

"Hello, I'm Soosh. I was born and raised by people. I identify myself with no country, nationality, religion, or anything else. I am spending my life observing people and myself, diving deep into the details of everything. It's a tricky path, I haven't chosen it deliberately, but I am on it. When it comes to traditional art education, I have none whatsoever.

Although I am aware that there are modes of drawing and painting that we call styles, I never gave much thought as to what kind of style my drawings would qualify as. If I would try to find the words to describe it, it would be a "fairytale realism" kind of style. But speaking frankly, no style.

I think the key, as I understand it, is to see with your heart as much as with your eyes. It may take some practice to notice the small things, like with any other skill. You need to become quiet for some time and very much present in the moment. Pay attention. Observe closely, without haste.

My main focus has always been people. Their facial expressions, their mimics, their gestures, their acts of kindness, and their weaknesses - all of it is so fascinating and intriguing for me. Afterwards, it's just a matter of time, a couple of pencils and some watercolour to dive in and bring to life those daily pictures on paper."

Check out Soosh's Instagram to see paintings of heart-warming fairytale scenes and cute fairytale characters. For prints and information about her books, you can visit her website .

soosh artist
Big Brother's love
Birthday Girl
Floral tea party
Keep your feet warm and heart open

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