Colored pencil flowers with a visual artist, Yeo Jin

Colored pencil flowers with a visual artist, Yeo Jin

by CreativeMindClass • 2 min read

My name is Yeo Jin and I'm a colored pencil art illustrator and author based in Seoul. My work is based on flowers because they always bring me happiness!

If I had to choose one word that represents my drawing style, it would be 'Spring'.

I want people to see my drawings and feel they are blooming themselves, like a warm spring of blooming flowers.

Yeo Jin portrait photo

Cottagecore is the lifestyle I choose and value. The reason might be that I live in Seoul, a big city, so I admire rural life and natural sceneries more than what my eyes catch in their sight daily.

So rather than spreading intensity, I express a calm and peaceful mood similar to what I see in nature.

Colored pencil flowers drawing by Yeo Jin.

What is the key to making your illustrations?

First, I'd like to talk about the things that I find inspiration in. I focus on happiness in small things. The flowers I encounter in a garden, the whispers of flowers fluttering when the wind blows, even a small flower at the corner of a street I see while walking.

I work mainly inspired by small wildflowers. Natural landscapes from old botanical encyclopedias and rural landscapes are also part of my inspiration. I save a lot of content through pictures and often take notes about colored pencil art ideas.

Colored pencil flowers. Blooming tree, soft colors.

Secondly, let's talk about the technique of work. I draw to the extent of elaborate details as if they were real flowers and I express my feelings through color.

I use pointed colored pencils to precisely express the shape of the flower. I then set a soft and warm atmosphere by using pastel tones rather than strong colors.

colored pencil flowers drawing and coloring pencils

I also like to confront plain and textured paper together using the paper flower technique in order to give the impression of flowers blooming.

Rather than simply drawing, I think crafting paper flowers creates a much more beautiful atmosphere. This is a closer translation of my imagination.

colored pencil flowers on a white paper

My name is Yeo Jin and I'm a colored pencil art illustrator and author based in Seoul. My work is based on flowers because they always bring me happiness!

I have so far published six colored pencil tutorial books. I have also collaborated with brands for illustrations. I currently give lectures to aspiring drawing artists and I am also making products that I sell in online stores and in local shops.

You can find my colored pencil art on Instagram and on my website.

I'd like to introduce my Youtube channel. My vlogs are about traveling but they also contain many inspirations and travel drawings (mostly colored pencil art) that I do through my journey.

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