Community of creators

Community of creators

The magazine is a common effort. We work together with creators towards a common goal β€” spreading creativity as much as possible. We're happy to see the CreativeMindClass community growing and thriving.

Thank you for your love and sharing articles and therefore celebrating artists on your Social Media and on your websites. These are some of our community's creators that we celebrate every day:

πŸ’— Ekatarina Boguslavskaya

πŸ’— Amanda Adams

πŸ’— Marianna Madriz

πŸ’— Bjork

πŸ’— Joyce Liu

πŸ’— Yvette

πŸ’— Gregg Louise

πŸ’— Yeo Jin

πŸ’— Brigitte Roka

πŸ’— Sylvia Boomer Yang

πŸ’— Claudia Melchor

πŸ’— Amarylis Henderson

πŸ’— Ed Cheverton

πŸ’— MaΓ―a Faddoul

πŸ’— Giulia Valente

πŸ’— Aljoscha

πŸ’— Collin Leix

πŸ’— Titika RΓΈtkjΓ¦r

πŸ’— Olga Szczechowska

πŸ’— Soosh

πŸ’— Marc David Spengler

πŸ’— Araki Koman

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