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How Do Online Courses Work and Why Should You Care?
Online courses work by uploading your course content to a learning management system called an online course platform. These platforms link a course creator with an audience. When you run an online course business, it brings an income and creates a closer relationship with your audience. If that so…
Mini course: the Best Way to Start with Online Courses
A mini course is a good way to start with online school and grow your business. It’s fast to create and it’s shorter than a traditional course.
Creative Ideas for Online Courses: Top Topics with Examples
Here are some of the most profitable Video Course Topics with Examples: “Combining illustration with photography”, “Watercolor and mixed media”
How Much to Charge for an Online Course. What You Should Know
Online course prices generally go from $10 for a mini course to a premium price of $350. But how to know what price is best for you? We lay it all out.
Sell Online Courses: Best Strategies to Boost Your Sales
How to Boost Online Course Sales:1. Increase your responsiveness2. Listen to feedback3. Reward your customers4. Provide extra value5. Communicate effectively
How to Create an Online Course and Make It Awesome
What do you need to create an online course? Here is an overview of the 5 steps to help you with an online course: topic, research, plan, goals, and content.
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