Passive income for artists. Delegate — the first rule of a thriving art business

Passive income for artists. Delegate — the first rule of a thriving art business

by CreativeMindClass • 5 min read

Delegation creates a passive income for artists. It works for you when you're sitting at the beach with a cold beverage in your hand, evaluating whether you should put another layer of sunscreen now or after you take another bath in the swimming pool.

Passive income, a solution that works while you sleep? — Yes, please!

You've heard about passive income. Something that works when, well, you don't. Passive income is a mystical creature living in the depth of the dark fairy forest. We heard of the brave artists who dared to go into the woods and got lost on the way.

Regardless of how mystical passive income seems, you must admit, it is in fact something that most wants. The question is - how to do it and change the ending of the story to a happy resolution.

We, at CreativeMindClass, believe that it is fundamental for artists who wish to teach online to delegate the technical aspects of their projects. Creating a business that brings a passive source of income is a way to go for creatives. Read on to learn how to do it.


There was never a better time for artists to reach their highest income levels

"Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life" - OK, but how to do it?

For the last two years, I have looked at how artists work very hard doing what they love every day. Nowadays, artists disrupt the online market with their creativity and earn good money with it. There was never a better time in history for the artists to reach the highest income levels working on projects for clients but also diversifing income sources and building up a passive income.

— Joanna Paplinski, CreativeMindClass Co-founder and Head of Design

Don't fall into the short-sighted trap. Minimizing one-time projects

Some artists act like worker bees, devoting their time to one-time projects repeatedly and failing to establish recurring sources of income. It's a bit of a vicious circle. We work on things that come easy to us. It's always another project, another artwork, another client, another exhibition...

Working this way is fun, but at some point, often when we get fed up, we realize that there must be other ways of working and start looking for other income sources. We want to build something stable and long-term. Something that would allow us to have more time for ourselves and our loved ones. It is time for all the hard work to pay back.

Delegating — the secret of building a thriving business

What is delegating, and why you should start doing it (best today)?

In plain terms, delegating means having others do some of your work for you. Delegating used to start from a personal assistant, but these days, it will most likely be a specific type of service that will make your life easier.

Doing things from scratch makes creators' professional life harder

A trap awaiting some artists is that they love doing things from scratch. Some love to mix their paints while others get ready colors from a store, save time mixing them, and create art (and money) when the first one still mixes and mixes...

Do you see where we're going with that? It is, of course, fun to find pleasure in mixing your colors, but we're talking here about getting your business to another level, to THE NEXT LEVEL so some choices need to be made. You cannot get to a higher level as a business owner when you use your time doing basic actions that someone else can easily do for you.


A pre-built solution. A gateway to your dream creative projects

Ready solutions or pre-built solutions allow you to do what you genuinely love and leave the rest to others. The real magic starts when a pre-built solution enables you to realize your more complex business ideas and more daring dreams. The ones that you always had, but there was never a good opportunity to push them forward.

Today, in the information era, it is easier than ever to make your dreams come true. Ready solutions serve as a gateway to something that you would probably never achieve on your own due to a lack of resources like tools, skills, or money. Or because there is just not enough time for everything.

Delegation mix and match: combine your unique art with ready tech solutions

Please don't take our word for that; we base our philosophy (and this article) on years of reading business books that helped us bring our dream project  (CreativeMindClass Teaching Platform) to life. Most of them say the same thing over and over again, optimize your work process and DELEGATE. This way, you can focus on polishing your art when other things are done for you.

Using technical platforms as a way of delegating

Artists who want to create and earn their income online usually have their plates full. We decided to build a technical solution for those who wish to teach their skills online. It is fundamental for those artists who wish to teach online with video classes to delegate the technical aspects of the project, creating this way a business that brings them a passive source of income.

Other creative business owners also delegate. Including CreativeMindClass

While building the CreativeMindClass teaching platform, we understood quickly - We cannot do it all. We started delegating from day one (OK, from day two, but now we would do it from day one ;) ). As a small team building a portal of enormous size, we wanted to use some ready solutions to keep the high level of experience for our users, save time and give attention to the parts of the project that no one else but us could take care of.

Our teaching platform is a product that we designed and made ourselves, and even though "custom" and "personal" are our favourite words, we would never succeed without using ready solutions. To ensure the highest quality of our teaching solution, we partner up with people and companies that understand our vision and with whom we share values; local artists, talented freelance programmers, but also players like Amazon, Stripe, MailChimp, BeeFree, or Ghost.

Delegate to CreativeMindClass: Having your own teaching platform was never that easy

CreativeMindClass is a platform that lets you teach your creative process and build meaningful relationships with your students. Instead of stitching together multiple software, save time and give your students a great learning experience — no coding skills required. It works perfectly with your Instagram promotion. It's an all-about-learning-creativity space with video classes, student groups, engaging exercises, student work upload, and feedback.

In addition to video classes, you can create exercises, give feedback, build community, and much more. We also automate promotion, landing pages, up-sells, and make easy VAT for students.

Try it for free.


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