10 Ways to Make Money as an Artist (Tips That Work)

10 Ways to Make Money as an Artist (Tips That Work)

by CreativeMindClass • 6 min read

Turning your passion into money is possible. Like all good things in life, making money as an artist requires a strategic approach and many hours of effort.

Based on our experience and talking to many creators, we put together a list of the most effective ways of making money as an artist.

10 the most effective ways to make money as an artist, writer or a designer

  1. Create and sell Online Courses
  2. Offer Tutorials and Mini-courses
  3. Video Consulting and Teaching
  4. Make Videos of the Art-making Process
  5. Start a Youtube channel
  6. Sell your Original Pieces
  7. Sell NFTs
  8. Offer print on demand
  9. Sell Digital Stock Artwork
  10. Work on commissions

BONUS: Where to promote your art

There are a variety of methods to make money as an artist, and you could earn more than one source of income. It falls into one of two categories: active and passive income. If you're a part-time artist or a permanent self-employed artist there are many ways to earn money from your artwork.

1. Create and sell online courses

Source: Jennifer Gast online courses

It's not easy to start your own online course however, you can begin by signing up to a few of them to check out how they're planned, or you can use an established platform that has online courses for inspiration.

There are several platforms to choose from. Three popular ones are CreativeMindClass, Skillshare and Udemy. Obviously, here at CreativeMindClass are big on teaching online courses on an independent platform where you are sitting behind the steering wheel.

2. Offer tutorials and mini-courses

If you've already established an audience that trusts you via your blog or other social media channels you can start with offering tutorials or mini courses showing how you make your artwork that come in different forms including videos, pdfs, and webinars.

3. Video consulting and teaching

If you've already had the expertise, you can aid others who are aspiring artists follow their goals. You can make paid video consultations and teach via Zoom or even Facetime. A lot of people today prefer taking an online course or webinar from their homes, particularly those who don't have many opportunities in their local area to go to a course.

4. Make videos of the art-making process

Source: Riccardo Russomanno art-making process

If you are an illustrator working on fun personalized projects, the next time you're working just turn the camera on and record your creation-making process. Looking for a great online course idea? You can combine illustration with someone's photography or make a fun illustration of their family. Your clients can not only get a great artwork but also see how it was made.

5. Start a Youtube channel

If the thought of selling an online course does not make you smile, however you enjoy entertaining, teaching, and being on camera, then establishing your own YouTube channel might be the best option. Remember that you'll probably not make a lot at first but the content of high quality, that solves a problem or entertains, will attract more viewers, and also earn you money over time.

6. Sell your Original Pieces

You can sell your original pieces. You can offer your artwork or sculptures, as well as ornamental items and jewelry on your online store or website.

It's better, to begin with, an established online art marketplace with thousands of customers and millions of people rather than waiting for buyers to come across your brand new website portfolio, which has virtually no visitors.

Certain platforms give you the opportunity to have your artwork included as a marketing opportunity.

7. Sell NFTs

Do you have a talent for digital art? Then you might want to learn how to sell NFT artwork. Numerous collectors and artists are already taking advantage of this form of a 'digital art collective' and earning cool cash. It's the hot thing right now and although the future of NFTs is not certain, any new way of making money based on a blockchain it's definitely something that you should not ignore.

8. Offer print on demand

Whether you’re an artist, writer, or a designer physical products can be the perfect canvas for monetizing your creativity.

The global print-on-demand (POD) market size is valued at nearly USD 5 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 26% till 2030.

There are plenty of marketplaces online that offer artists the chance to market their artwork using printing-on-demand. Moreover, some of them support artists by featuring them on their Social media channels. For example visual artist Bjork, sells her art prints on Inprnt.

9. Sell Digital Stock Artwork

As a graphic artist, photographer, illustrator, or videographer, you may use your work on websites that stock images to generate money from the art of making.

10. Work on Commissions

Get directly commissioned by individuals or businesses to design and create original work starting from scratch.

Working for clients doesn't have to be dull. As an illustrator or painter as an illustrator, you could even be paid for street art or interior or outdoor mural painting and design. Also, you can pair up with other creatives like musicians and create for example an illustration for a Spotify song cover.

Where to Promote your Art?

Ok. so we discussed what to sell now the question is where to sell it.

Start your Creative Blog

The creation of the blog of your choice is among the most effective marketing strategies to draw clients in the present.

It was the most effective decision I've made in my professional career. You earn trust and authority when you promote your work. The way to do this is to write to your intended audience and give the information they're seeking. If it's graphic design photography, social media, or even arts, you'll be able to identify a blog niche that is suitable for you.

A blog that receives plenty of traffic could be a lucrative business (this requires effort and dedication) through advertisements or affiliate links, as well as sponsors and advertisers.

Design and Create an eBook

If you're blogging and writing, it's the next stage that you'll follow after having established a following. It's easier to market and sell your ebook to people with an interest in your subject You can be confident and trust your expertise.

Teaching and Mentoring

Many artists and creatives have shared their experiences by coaching, teaching, and mentoring via video calls or on online teaching platforms. It is unlikely that you will begin your career as a coach, however when you are involved with blogging or teaching it's an option for the next step.

Work for online Marketplaces or Galleries

You will gain important experience from the behind-the-scenes work that includes providing services such as curating, selling, or marketing art.

In addition to making money, you also open your mind to possibilities you would not be able to.

This is an action you must take if you're aspiring to get deeper into the world of art and not just sell your artwork.

Work for blogs and magazines

Photographing, writing, and directing art for blogs and the press is an exciting way not just to make an income as an artist, but as well to build strong connections and get your name before more people.

If you're finding it difficult to create the blog or website you're interested in we're here to tell you that it's not as difficult as you imagine. All you need to do is be a regular follower (that is, commenting on their blog posts or joining online groups).

Many bloggers and webmasters tend to recruit from their own readers.

Promote on Social Media

You make money as an artist using Instagram and other social media or writing your own blog. Whichever channel you promote and showcase your work, remember that Social media is just one of the methods for promoting and networking and you don't want to be 100% dependent on it.

Facebook, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are among the most popular platforms for artists, however, it's up to you to choose the best one for your needs.

Social media marketing is an all-time occupation however, it's worthwhile as long as you're willing to invest the time.

Get ready for a long run

I'm not lying to you that the road to success isn't quick and easy. It requires hard work determination, patience, and a strategic approach to make money as an artist, but more and more people succeed in making a living out of it.

Once you start considering your art as a business, and not just a fun hobby, you will have greater chances of being one of the lucky ones!

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