The 5 Best AI Image Generators: Which ones are worth trying out?

The 5 Best AI Image Generators: Which ones are worth trying out?

by CreativeMindClass • 6 min read

AI-made images have made tremendous changes in the field of image creation.

AI image generators use machine learning algorithms to create new images from scratch or modify existing ones. These AI image generators have become increasingly popular for their ability to create visually stunning and unique images.

Although AI image generators have revolutionized the field of image creation, some creators may feel uncomfortable with their use. Nether the less, creating images with AI generators was a big step into the future that can't be undone.

This article will explore some of the best AI image generators available today.

The best AI image generators

  • Artssy - easy-of-use AI generator
  • ArtBreeder - AI-based animated image generator blending multiple images together
  • DALL-E 2 -  best for a wide range of images (objects, animals, scenes, and abstract concepts)
  • Midjourney - blends real-world elements with surreal and dreamlike aesthetics
  • DreamStudio - amazing details of AI images

So how exactly AI generates images?

AI image generation uses algorithms to learn patterns from a set of example images and then use these patterns to generate new images that share similar characteristics to the training input.

Artssy: easy-of-use AI generator

Artssy is an impressive platform that combines AI technology with intuitive tools to enable users to easily create unique and customizable digital art and graphics.

The platform offers a vast library of assets, including images, textures, and fonts, that can be mixed and matched to create various styles and designs. AI-powered features such as background removal, colorization, and style transfer offer new and innovative ways of enhancing images and graphics.

The user-friendly and intuitive user interface allows users of all skill levels to create stunning and professional-looking designs. Artssy is an excellent tool for artists, designers, and anyone looking to create high-quality and customizable digital art quickly and easily.

Artssy pricing: the pricing plans differ mostly in the number of image credits. With the $49 a month, Starter plan, you get 2000 AI image credits.

ArtBreeder: AI-based animated image generator blending multiple images together

ArtBreeder is an online ai-image generator that allows users to make a simple collage from shapes and images.

One of its standout features is its community-driven approach to image generation. Users can browse and remix creations from other artists, providing endless creative possibilities. Moreover, it enables users to collaborate on projects and even form teams to work on large-scale projects.

ArtBreeder pricing: free for 10 credits. From $8.99 a month for 100 credits.

DALL-E 2:  best for a wide range of images (objects, animals, scenes, and abstract concepts)

DALL-E 2 is one of the biggest names on the market as it's an OpenAI product, the same as ChatGPT. It's a popular AI image generator that artists widely use. Its popularity stems from its impressive capabilities as the first widely available image generator that could create amazing images.

The platform's simplicity is one of its greatest advantages, with users only needing to input a prompt to generate image variations within seconds. The platform's image editor also offers advanced features like out-painting and in-painting.

DALL-E 2 pricing: offers 50 free credits upon sign-up, with an additional 15 free credits given to users each month. The platform is also reasonably priced, with packs of 115 credits available for just $15, making it an affordable option for those interested in exploring AI-generated art.

Midjourney: blends real-world elements with surreal and dreamlike aesthetics

One of the significant advantages of Midjourney is the community-oriented approach. Creators can join the Midjourney community on Discord or the Web to collaborate and create new worlds, characters, and unique imagery from short text descriptions.

Midjourney pricing: It's in beta, so pricing is unclear.

DreamStudio: amazing details of AI images

DreamStudio is an open source designed to enable anyone to access this creative tool without software installation or coding knowledge. It gives users a powerful, user-friendly tool for generating high-quality AI images with customization options.

DreamStudio provides extensive control over the different aspects of generating an AI image. As you input your prompt, sliders are available that enable you to adjust the final image size, similarity to the prompt, number of diffusion model steps, and quantity of generated images.

The tool can generate images quickly, with great details, which is useful for time-sensitive projects.

DreamStudio pricing: Currently, the only option is to pay per image by purchasing credits. However, it's a beta, and the pricing model is not set in stone yet.

Who owns the rights to AI-generated images?

The basic nature of AI-generated images is that they are a mix, a blend, or a recreation of existing images.

So who's are the AI-generated images?

The ownership of AI-generated images is a complex and evolving legal issue yet to be fully resolved. In most cases, the creator of the AI algorithm that generates the images would hold the intellectual property rights to the algorithm itself, but not necessarily the images it produces.

However, if the images are generated using copyrighted material or data or if the AI algorithm was trained on copyrighted material, the legal ownership of the resulting images could be contested.

Additionally, using AI-generated images may raise ethical questions regarding the authenticity of the work and the value of human creativity in the art world. As AI-generated art becomes more prevalent, the legal and ethical considerations surrounding ownership will likely become more defined.

How is AI-generated image art?

AI-generated images might be considered art because of their expressive qualities and their uniqueness. As an art form, they can evoke emotional responses and inspire creative thinking.

Additionally, the process of creating AI-generated images involves creativity and decision-making on the part of the algorithm and the human users, which can be seen as a form of collaboration between man and machine.

What's the future of AI image generation?

As AI image generation advances, it can potentially bring about big changes across industries such as art, design, advertising, and entertainment.

With improvements in the quality of generated images and their accessibility, they will become more widespread and integrated with other technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality.

However, the impact of AI image generation raises important concerns such as privacy, authenticity, and fairness. To ensure that these technologies are used responsibly, appropriate regulations must be put in place while also recognizing the potential for innovation AI image generation can offer.

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