Create a beautiful website for your photography course with CreativeMindClass

Create a beautiful website for your photography course with CreativeMindClass

by CreativeMindClass • 6 min read


Follow this step-by-step guide to learn the process of creating an online photography course website in CreativeMindClass, a free tool used by top creators.

photography course website guide example

How to create a website for your photography course in 6 easy steps

Persuade your audience to buy with text and visuals.

We've all been there—spending hours working on our website and ending up with something that looks quite similar to a poorly designed text document, and on top of that it loads super slow. We want out photography course website to beautiful,  to be cutting-edge. A website built on a right template will sell the course for you allowing you to focus on the content.  

So talking about the website content, it all comes down to answering this simple question: Why should someone choose your photography over another course? Present the promise to your customer, so they know what to expect. A well-converting course website is typically simple, unique, and inspiring. It includes attention-grabbing copy and visuals representing the main benefits closed with a clear call-to-action.

In this guide, you'll learn the pragmatic approach to creating a beautiful website using CreativeMindClass. It lets you consistently present your course benefits with copy, images and promo videos, and more to create a website that convinces your audience.

1. Grab the visitor's attention

On your photography course website, you should get to the point quickly before your potential customer moves on.

It's crucial to set a strong foundation from the start. The first thing they read is your headline. It describes what a visitor will get from your online photography course. It clearly states the benefit of your course.

Keep it short, punchy, and clear. The easiest way to keep the headline short is to add a supporting headline. It can be like finishing a sentence or an additional sentence supporting the primary statement.

Grab the visitor's attention

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Click Website in main menu to open it.
  2. Click Edit button on Welcome section.
  3. Type HEADLINE. For example "Capture your vision through photography".
  4. Type SUB-HEADLINE. For example "Become the photographer you've always envisioned yourself to be".

2. Add inspiring visuals

Next, you add the hero image (or background video) to the top part of the course website to help visitors understand what you offer.

What does the hero image say about the benefits of your online photography course? Place your potential customer in a scenario you've prepared for them. If you've prepared a course, for example, about making dog portraits, you can make a photo collage or a background video with the final shots. The visuals should be large, crisp, and high-quality.

Use your own photos, or browse online libraries to quickly find inspiring visuals.

Add inspiring visuals

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Click Edit button on Welcome section.
  2. Click HERO IMAGE, BACKGROUND VIDEO or ANIMATION to add your visuals.

3. Introduce your course

Provide some basic information about your online photography course.

What does it do? How long is it? How many lessons do you offer? Do you give any bonus materials? What's the class project? Who is the course for?

This information helps the visitors who skim through your page quickly understand what they're buying.

Introduce your course

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Click Edit button on Overview section.
  2. Type HEADER. For example "Shoot an original photo series".
  3. Type PARAGRAPH. For example "Level up your skills with step-by-step guidance on projects to achieve learnings you're proud of".

4. Highlight benefits

Provide more detail about your photography course, learning outcomes, and its value. Clearly stated benefits will persuade most people.

What skills will they learn? How would the course benefit a student? What is the transformation they will go through? What problems do you solve?

The easiest way to highlight benefits is to write a short, punchy, and clear header. Then, add a sub-header supporting the primary statement. In the paragraphs, write shortly about the key learning outcomes, and describe in simple words the value you're providing.

Another way to highlight the benefits of your course is to use an eye-catching photo.

Highlight benefits

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Click Edit button on Benefits section.
  2. Type HEADER. For example "Make your creative juices flow".
  3. Type SUB-HEADER. For example "Get an amazing idea".
  4. Type PARAGRAPH. For example "If you're looking for some fast ways to spark creativity, you are in the right place. I'll help you make you come up with an idea that will create show-stopping photos".
  5. Click SECTION IMAGE and upload your image.
PRO TIP: Focus on three main benefits. Keep the copy short and simple to keep the visitor's attention. Circle back to remove anything that's hard to follow.

5. Give a taste of your course

Someone who is scrolling through to buy your online photography course page wants to get a sneak peek of what's inside. Make that with a jaw-dropping promo trailer. For a promo trailer, you can create a cool and dynamic video of 30-60 seconds.

Give a taste of your course

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Click My Classes in main menu to open it.
  2. In Class, Click Class page tab to open it.
  3. Click VIDEO TRAILER to upload your promotional video.

6. Share it with your audience

This is an exciting moment after all the hard work. Once you've prepared your course website, your online photography course can be shared with your audience. Insert the link to your website, social media, email, or blog, and start the promo campaign.

PRO TIP: Before you share the course with your audience, make sure that your class, all lessons, and exercises are published.
Share it with your audience

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Click Settings in main menu to open it.
  2. Copy CreativeMindClass page URL.
  3. Share the course with your audience.

And you're done!

Now, you have a beautiful website to promote your online photography course. If you are starting a new online photography course right now, use the free template below to create a new website, or check out our full guide on how to create an online photography course.

Create your website for a photography course. Today.

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