Choose a photography course topic in minutes with CreativeMindClass

Choose a photography course topic in minutes with CreativeMindClass

by CreativeMindClass • 4 min read


Follow this step-by-step guide to learn the process of choosing an online photography course topic in CreativeMindClass, a free tool used by top creators.

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How to choose a photography course topic in 4 easy steps

Figure out what and who you'll teach.

Choosing the course topic is a perfect way to start your photography course. It's a creative process —from brainstorming to testing your ideas —it helps you create the right course for the right people.

You have your passion, knowledge, skills, and experience that your audience is willing to pay for. It's time to look at it closer and put it in words.

In this guide, you'll learn the pragmatic approach to choosing a topic for a course that you'll love to create and your audience will love to buy.

In this guide, you'll learn the pragmatic approach to choosing a topic for a course

1. Brainstorm what you want to teach

Start with your central topic. What kind of photography do you do? What inspires you about it? What is the key message or idea you want to communicate through your course? What do others come to you for advice about? What topics do you wish to learn more about yourself? This is your starting point. It might be just a rough idea at the moment or something you want to explore, but this brainstorm will help you see how far you can take it.

Now it's time to tap into your creativity. Don't worry about evaluating your ideas yet, that will come later. Simply generate as many ideas as you can think of. Sometimes it helps to communicate your idea with an image or a video reference.

Finally, select the idea that excites you the most, and put the other ones for future reference. You can always revisit them later.

Make a note of the most promising course topic idea. Usually, it's the one that makes you most excited.

First, open the Class page

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Create a new class for your course topic.
  2. Make a note in CLASS DESCRIPTION that describes your course topic in 1 to 2 sentences to get started.
PRO TIP: Teach what you know, love, and what people want to learn. This way, you'll have a bunch of course topics you could start putting together today.

2. Name your course

A clear, catchy, and benefit-focused title helps people to make a decision quickly. It grabs their attention and makes them stop scrolling and say, "Yes, I want to buy it!". Use powerful words to trigger emotions and the response that gets them to read, click and buy.

Name your course

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Type CLASS TITLE to name your course. For example "The absolute beginner's guide to portrait photography".

3. Craft an offer

What will people learn? Do you want to focus on shooting or editing? Who is a promising audience for this course? What specific high-pain problems do you solve?

Craft an offer (and find people who will buy it)

How to do it in CreativeMindClass

  1. Type CLASS DESCRIPTION to communicate your offer.

4. Evaluate your ideas

Now's the time for evaluation. Run through the topic ideas again, and do online research if it is in demand. Are there any competitors offering similar courses? Can you find any books on the topic on Amazon?

You can also ask people if they like it and explain why. Be prepared to welcome suggestions and make improvements. As you work on the offer, it's important to find someone motivated enough to pay money to learn about it.

And you're done!

Now that you've chosen your course topic, you have a powerful and realistic offer for your online photography course. Remember, you can create multiple classes to explore different course topics and test them. Come back and add to the course topic when inspiration strikes. Use the template below to start a new course topic, or check out our full guide on how to create an online photography course.

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