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Due to the number of submissions received daily, we won’t be able to reply or provide feedback unless they're of interest. Apologies for this in advance!

Contributor guidelines

CreativeMindClass Magazine is a free online magazine covering the creative process, moving artists' stories, and best practices coming straight from creators and artists. We feature illustrations, animations, paintings, installations, and music projects, remaining open to featuring other art categories.

CreativeMindClass features are more than average magazine articles – as a teaching platform magazine, they're always full of tips and advice based on creators' experiences. Our interviews spotlight the creators, keeping their individual voices, and we encourage artists to share their inner world with readers. We do our best to present the words of artists, keeping their 'personality' – beautiful, honest, introspective, natural, unedited, pure, and authentic.

Illustrations, animations, photographs, and sounds are also unedited, providing unprecedented insights into the BTS of the creative process. One of our magazine's greatest strengths is its focus on presenting not only the words of artists but also the final art pieces in a gallery-like way. Our design supports the presentation of various file formats, so no matter if you are an illustrator, gif artist, 3d animator, videomaker, or sound specialist, your work will be displayed as it was intended.

To support all featured creators, we mention their websites and social media for people to find them easily.

Both finished answers to the interview questions (see below) and pitches are welcome from all contributors.

When featured, please make sure you get familiar with the Publication Best Practices described below.

Instagram photos

To submit an image for the CreativeMindClass Instagram page, simply tag @creativemindclass on a post! All work will be credited if run.

Here is how to make it happen:

  1. Choose one set of questions below.
  2. Send your answers and artworks to
  3. When featured, let the world know about your article using Publication Best Practices.

Interview questions

Choose one set of questions from our INTERVIEW QUESTIONS SET 1 or SET 2 . You can give your answers as text, video, or audio.

Set 1: Background and creative process + Tips on how to start

We're a teaching platform, so we would love to hear from you about your process, tips to help people start or improve their skills.  


  • Include your background information.
  • What's your artistic mission? How do you change the world with your art? Who's your inspiration and a mentor?
  • What's a unique skill you had to discover/develop to do what you do and to become who you are as an artist? What is the key element of your process?
  • Talk about your favorite project you completed and a project you would once like to do.
  • Tips for beginners: How to start doing what you do?
  • What's your plan for the next months? As a big THANK YOU, we want to let people know about your near future event.


  • High res photos of your artworks
  • Photo of yourself
  • Photo of your workspace
  • Photo of supplies/software you use


  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Near future event link

Send your answers and all the assets to

Set 2: The "COOL project" + tips for a creative career / being a professional artist  

Have you done a cool project that took weeks to complete? Maybe you were lately cooperating with other artists, started teaching online, organized a workshop, or took part in the art fair? We would love to hear about that!

Describe a process of a selected project; animation, website, game, song, exhibition, art fair, or something that took some time to complete. And give some general tips for a creative career.


  • Background information about you
  • How did the "COOL project" come about?
  • Talk about the project process and challenges.
  • Did you have any "aha moments" during the project?
  • The project results and plans for future dream projects.
  • Tips that could help people start with such a project and/or tips for a fulfilling creative career.


  • High res photos of your artworks, including the "COOL project" you're talking about
  • Photo of yourself
  • BTS photo from making the "COOL project"
  • Photo of supplies/software you used


  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Event link

Send your answers and all the assets to

Publication Best Practices

Promote your article

Below are some examples of how you promote your article on IG. Remember to tag us and mention the CreatvieMindClass Video Teaching Platform (@creativemindclass) in your caption! If you would like to write a few words about our platform here are some details about CreativeMindClass.

Instagram Post

Instagram Post example
Article screenshots + caption by
Instagram Post example
Article cover + screen recording video + caption by @philbrookesuk
Instagram Post example
Artwork + caption by @beyondthestudio

Instagram Story

Make some noise about the publication in your Instagram stories. We love seeing you happy, so we repost your story and keep it in our IG highlights.

Instagram Bio Linktree

Instagram Bio Linktree
Linktree link by @vintagegirl_yj

Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights
Story Highlight by @bjorkjt

Your website SEO

Your website SEO
Backlink on the Articles page by Giulia Valente 
Your website SEO
Backlink on the Press page by Amarilys Henderson

Wikipedia page source

The article can be used for your Wikipedia page as a publication source.

Wikipedia page source
Wikipedia page Aljoscha

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