How to use self-expression and authenticity to choose your class topic?

How to use self-expression and authenticity to choose your class topic?

by CreativeMindClass • 4 min read

We all have so much to bring to the party. Find out what it is you have that makes you unique and special, cultivate that, and use it choosing the idea of your class. That's what it's all about. Bring that out, and then let it be seen by others.

Find your true voice

It's the most essential piece of advice - find your true voice, your true self. There's a voice within you that makes you who you are. Your job is to locate it, and re-connect with it.

It's simple. Being still and listening to your body, helps you find that voice. It's there. You're connected to it. It is in the stillness that answers, that messages, impulses, can make themselves known.

4 tips on how to choose the class idea that is true to yourself :

  1. Ask yourself what makes you most excited right now about your work.
    Is it self-discovery that makes you the most excited about your work right now? Or maybe you just realized that you feel very connected to nature? Include that thing in your class topic. Your positive energy will make others feel great too.

  2. What did you master recently?
    Focus on your recent aha moments, your fresh skills, and your discoveries. Don't worry now about basic theories, details, and principles if you don't feel excited about them now, even if everyone else includes them in their classes.

  3. Ask yourself what you bring to the party that is unique to you.
    Try to forget about what you think people expect from you. There are so many influences that say you should do this, you should do that. Where you want to be is to hear your own natural voice, connect to your own natural energy source. You have to locate it, and you locate it through stillness.

  4. Get back to your basic motivation, why do you want to teach in the first place.
    Is it the connection with others that motivates you most? Is it giving back to your creative community? Let that feeling guide you in choosing your class topic. Building a vibrant and connected community around your classes will make others people's lives better.

  5. BONUS tip: Don’t teach topics below your current skill level.
    Teaching skills that you are not excited about is dull. If you are a beginner teacher it’s fantastic to teach the basics, but if you are an experienced teacher don’t choose the basic topics to teach even if "sell well". Go for something that is intellectually challenging and exciting for you at the current moment. You can add the basic stuff later on but don’t make it your main focus.

If you're trying to be somebody else, you won't be happy with the results you get. It's not true to you. But when you find your voice, there's an ease to it. You fall into it as it feels like the home you always wanted.

Choosing a class topic is 80% of your teaching success

Starting is never easy. We procrastinate. We go to the fridge, opening it, having a look, and coming back with nothing (or a snack), looking at IG 10 times before starting a new task. That's normal.

It helps to divide tasks into smaller chunks and start with something easy. Choosing a topic helps you start and complete a tangible and satisfying goal. After this, all other pieces will come together much easier.

🧚🏻‍♀️ Hands-on: Kickstart the class topic

🪄 Brainstorm. It's fun!

Start with a simple brainstorming technique that you know very well - Put down all your ideas quickly without judging them. You will get a nice list of class topics with your favorite topic among them.

🪄 Create a high-level lesson structure

Then make something that is tangible and real and you can complete it quickly! Sketch the high-level section structure for your class. Your class is going to have an introduction, right? Perfect, you can put down the Introduction! Will your students will need some materials? You can put down the Material Overview, etc, you get the idea.

🪄 Make it tangible

You can already put those sections as the lesson sections here. As your teaching space is not published yet, so you can play around a bit. Only you can see the lesson structure now, and you can always change it in the future!

Upload some of your works, type some random text, use videos you have on your mobile - get creative and have fun. It can be anything - all to see your class starting getting shaping out beautifully and becoming a reality.

Here is a sample of the structure of lessons you can put together in 5 minutes. Add a sample class, then some lessons and sections. That's it!

Sample of a quick structure for lessons

Add the lessons structure to your teaching space.


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