About us

About us

Hi there. We're CreativeMindClass, CMC for short, a bunch of creative geeks and dreamers who have been working on this teaching platform for visual artists for the last 2 years.

We've noticed that for years creativity makes our own lives better and happier, so this is something we want to advocate and spread to more peeps.

We decided that CreativeMindClass will be a fun name for the platform where people can share their creative skills and get paid for it. The name is so long that it doesn't fit in the Twitter user name - but we love it and regret nothing! 😅

We love beautiful things 😄

We love coffee but who doesn't 😂

CMC's home is in The Netherlands but we work 100% remotely and operate globally. We don't have a traditional office, and we don't really need it at the moment.

We like funny and geeky stuff, from cute cats in boxes to Rick and Morty. And we are psyched about the galaxy 🚀🪐⭐️. So much so that we themed our whole website with it 💫.

Our platform is an independent, self-funded project coming from passionate hearts full of belief that creativity and sharing knowledge are making this planet a better place.

Main things to know about CreativeMindClass

We believe that the creative mind has no boundaries

Creative minds are at the heart of CreativeMindClass (hence the name).

CreativeMindClass is a dedicated platform for visual artists; illustrators, painters, lettering artists, photographers, animators, 3D artists, video-makers, sculptors, printmakers, designers, ceramists, and architects.

We're considering widening the scope and enter the world of sound and music.

We’re designers, illustrators, and full-on programmers. What connects us is that we're all creative souls who love thinking out of the box and finding new solutions to problems🤓😃.

We believe in people helping people create their success

Our mission is to master creating teaching opportunities for creative minds, and with this, help creators diversify income sources and create passive income. In short - help artists thrive with their creativity.

We believe people together can build something bigger

We feel connected to a single person as much as to the whole of humanity. We believe that sharing skills and easy access to specific, in-depth knowledge helps everyone grow faster.

You don't have to spend time reinventing the wheel all over on your own. Together, we can grow faster as artists and creatives and get to levels we've never reached before! 🙌🏻

About CreativeMindClass Magazine

We are "people" people so we don't only run the teaching platform but we can't help to talk to artists, pick up their fascinating brains, share their experience, and with this bring people closer together.

In our online magazine, you can find insights about the creative process, moving artists' stories, and best practices coming straight from fellow creators and artists. Our goal is to spotlight artists so we also mention artists' websites and SM so people can connect more easily.

We do our best to present the words and artwork of artists in the most beautiful, natural, unedited, and respectful way possible. So it's the closest to the beautiful original.

CreativeMindClass magazine is for free and it's ad-free

The magazine is a passion project. We don't advertise, have sponsors nor paid subscriptions.

It can only exist thanks to kind people who like the articles and share it on their social media channels. The magazine community of creators and content contributors.

BIG thanks for all your support, lovely DMs, and kind words about the magazine interviews and the platform. Glad to be among such positive peeps!

If you would like to get the interviews with artists and exciting updates about the CreativeMindClass platform in your inbox, you can register here.

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